The surface must be clean, free of moisture and compact; if the surface don´t have these characteristics you must solve the problem.


1) EpoxyAdhesion promoter, mix the two-component epoxy, add 30% water, and apply just one coat with the paint roller along with the fiberglass mesh. The drying time is 12 Hours. If there are tile joints first cover the joints and let dry


2) Mix the color, add the dose of color in the resin and shake to disperse the dye well, shake every time it is used to avoid dye decantation

  3) Microcement Base -  1st and 2st layer, in a clean bucketadd the resin component B already colored,  and gradually add the microcement, beat for 3/5 minutes until reaching a honey-like consistency, then spread the material with a Steel trowel on the surface .  Let dry for 3/5 hours, then with sandpaper grit 40, pass through the surface, eliminating the imperfections.


4) Microcement Fino 1st and 2st layer, mix in the same way as the base Microcement, and then apply a thin layer with a steel or plastic trowel. Let dry for 3/5 hours, then sanding with sandpaper, grit 150 the whole surface.


5) Primer Sealer , apply 2 layers with a paint roller, Let dry the first coat for 15/30 min, then apply the second coat. After that, let dry about 3 hours.


6)Polyurethane sealer 2 components, Apply with roller the polyurethane varnish sealer of two components A+B  ratio 5:1 ,  plus the water 5  % of the mixture that comes with the kit, let dry well 12 hours and apply the  second final layer. Mix only what is necessary for each layer, consumption 0.60g/m2

Epoxy adhesion promoter pot life = 15 min.

Microcement pot life= 1 Hour

Polyurethane Sealer pot life= 2 Hours

Epoxy adhesion promoter coverage 200g/ m2 

Primer Sealer coverage  per layer  50cc / m2

PU varnish sealer per layer 50/60 g / m2

Microcement Base  coverage per layer 1 kg / m2

Microcementfino coverage  per layer 0.4kg / m2

Resin/microcement base ratio 300cc/kg

Resin/ microcement fino ratio 500cc/kg