• base-microcement

Base Microcement 20 KG.


Two-component coating enhanced with synthetic cement-based materials. Adapted for commercial, administrative and residential spaces .It used to stabilize any surface prior to the application of Microcemento Fino


Mode of Use

Mix with component B (liquid) according to the required viscosity for each application until the desired texture is achieved.


High abrasion resistance

Water, grease, and oil impermeable

High mechanical resistance


Stable against ultraviolet rays


Apply with a trowel in layers of approximately 1mm

Technical Data

Type: Two-component polymer mortar

Appearance: Comp. A: Powder. Comp. B: Liquid

Colors: White

Density: 2.0 kg/dm³. pH: 12

Adhesion to concrete: At 28 days: > 15 kg/cm²

Mechanical resistance: Compression at 28 days: > 300 kg/cm²

Handling and Storage

Handling: Avoid dust formation

Storage: Keep out of reach of children

Specific uses: Avoid dust clouds during handling. If not possible, wear goggles and dust mask

Avoid direct contact with skin and mucous membranes

Base 20Kg.