Velcro Sanding Discs 150 Grit
  • Velcro Sanding Discs 150 Grit
  • Velcro Sanding Discs 150 Grit

Velcro Sanding Discs 150 Grit


Velcro Sandpapers 150mm Diameter, 15 Holes, Grit 150, Pack of 50 Units


The 150 mm diameter velcro sanders with 15 holes are specially designed for the efficient sanding of microcement layers. These sanders provide superior performance in preparing and finishing surfaces, ensuring professional and durable results.

Main Features:

  • 150 mm Diameter: Provides extensive coverage on large surfaces, allowing for faster and more uniform work in the application of microcement.

  • Velcro System: Facilitates quick and easy changing of sanders without the need for additional tools, ensuring a firm and secure fit during use.

  • 15 Ventilation Holes: Holes are strategically placed for excellent dust extraction, keeping the work surface clean and improving the durability of the sander.

  • Microcement Adapted Design: Specifically formulated for working with microcement, these sanders are ideal for sanding microcement layers, providing effective abrasion to smooth and level surfaces, remove imperfections, and achieve a uniform finish.

  • Durability and Performance: Made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use and consistent performance, even in demanding applications.

Recommended Applications:

  • Sanding Microcement Layers: Perfect for sanding different layers of microcement, ensuring a smooth surface ready for the next step in the application process.

  • Surface Preparation: Effective for preparing surfaces before applying new layers of microcement, ensuring better adhesion and finish.

  • Surface Finishing: Used to smooth out applied microcement, removing marks and defects for a professional and uniform finish.

  • Imperfection Removal: Corrects and removes minor defects in microcement layers, ensuring a flawless final result.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean and dry before starting sanding.

  2. Mounting: Attach the velcro sander to the corresponding sanding pad and ensure it is securely fitted.

  3. Sanding: Perform uniform movements over the microcement layer, using light pressure to avoid damaging the material.

  4. Cleaning: After sanding, remove the dust from the surface and check if it is necessary to apply an additional layer or make adjustments.

The 150 mm velcro sanders with 15 holes are essential tools for sanding microcement layers, ensuring efficiency and quality in every application and providing professional finishes for your microcement projects.