Masking Tape 48mm
  • Masking Tape 48mm

Masking Tape 48mm


tape 48mm x 50m


The masking tape for microcement is an essential tool for ensuring clean and precise finishes in microcement projects. Designed to adhere to various surfaces, this tape allows for exact markings and protects areas that should not be covered with microcement, guaranteeing a professional and error-free finish.

Main Features:

  • High-Quality Adhesion: The masking tape for microcement features a high-quality adhesive that sticks firmly to various surfaces without leaving residues when removed, ensuring sharp, flawless edges.

  • Moisture Resistance: Designed to withstand the typical damp conditions of working with microcement, this tape maintains its adhesion and prevents slipping or lifting during the application process.

  • Easy Application and Removal: Its design allows for quick and easy application, and it removes easily without damaging the surface or leaving adhesive residue, facilitating a clean and flawless finish.

  • Versatility: Ideal for use on surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings, the masking tape helps delineate areas and protect edges while applying microcement, ensuring that unwanted areas remain intact.

  • Edge Precision: Thanks to its ability to adhere to irregular surfaces and its design that prevents pigment bleeding, the tape ensures well-defined edges and professional finishes in every microcement application.

Recommended Applications:

  • Area Delineation: Use the tape to mark specific areas where microcement will be applied and protect the edges of adjacent surfaces.

  • Surface Protection: Ideal for covering skirting boards, window frames, and other surfaces that should not be covered with microcement during the application process.

  • Design Creation: Perfect for creating straight lines and geometric shapes in microcement applications, allowing for precise customization of the final finish.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying the masking tape.

  2. Tape Application: Place the tape on the areas you wish to protect or delineate, pressing firmly to ensure proper adhesion.

  3. Microcement Application: Proceed with applying the microcement to the surface, avoiding contact with the areas protected by the tape.

  4. Tape Removal: Once the microcement has partially dried, carefully remove the tape to avoid peeling or damaging the microcement.

The masking tape for microcement is an indispensable tool for achieving clean and professional finishes in your microcement projects. It ensures precise application and effective protection of adjacent surfaces, facilitating impeccable work.