Kit microcement 20 m2 for floors

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Microcement installation kit with all the products needed to cover 20 meters for floors, with epoxy adhesion promoter , micro beton fino and solvent based sealer to guarantee a proper resistance. It is also appropriate to outdoors surfaces.

Total net weight (110 kg.)

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The kit consists of:

15 KG of Microcement Fino

The fine microcement, in which the last two colored coats are applied, and will give the final appearance before applying the sealing varnishes. It is applied with a trowel.

40 KG of Microcement Base

It is a coarse-grained microcement that serves as the base and regulation of the surface. It is applied after the adhesion promoter (bonding bridge) and the fiberglass mesh. Two coats are applied and can be colored. It is applied with a trowel.

20 LT. Resin component B 

It is a resin that is used to mix with the microcement (base or fine) and will give the ideal creamy texture to apply it with a trowel. Can be colored.


Dose of the color chosen in our color chart, to color 10 LT of resin component B of the microcement. Once the resin is colored, it will give color to the base or fine microcement.

4 LT of Epoxy Adhesion Promoter;

It is an epoxy primer that serves as a bonding bridge, that is, a bond between the surface and the material. It is applied together with the fiberglass mesh and the roller is used to apply it. Drying time 12 hours depending on ambient humidity. Consumption 0.200 grams LT / 1 m2 (1 layers)

2 LT of Primer Sealer

It is a single-component acrylic and waterproofing sealant, which is previously applied to Polyurethane Varnish. Two coats are applied. Drying time about 90 minutes depending on the ambient humidity. Consumption 1 LT / 10 m2 (2 layers)

3 LT of PU sealer

Bi-component polyurethane varnish. Two coats are applied with a roller. It consists of 3 versions: Gloss, Satin, or Matte. Consumption 140 grams / 1 m2 (2 layers)

20 m2 of fiberglass mesh

Reinforcing mesh that serves to prevent cracks and to work at the same thickness. It is applied together with the adhesion promoter.

PDF application manual.

To see an enlarged image of the colors, click HERE

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