Fiberglass mesh 50m2
  • Fiberglass mesh 50m2
  • Fiberglass mesh 50m2

Fiberglass mesh 50m2


Reinforcing mesh, fiber glass cell 2,5 x 2,5 mm, 60g/m2 roll 1m x 50 m = 50 m2


Description and Properties


Fiberglass: The mesh is made of fiberglass filaments, a material known for its high strength and durability.

Use in Microcement Application

Reinforcement of Microcement:

Crack Prevention: The fiberglass mesh is mainly used to reinforce microcement, helping to prevent the appearance of cracks and fissures that may arise due to surface tensions or movements.

Distribution of Tensions: It helps to evenly distribute tensions in the microcement layer, improving its structural integrity.


First Layer of Microcement: The mesh is placed on the first fresh layer of microcement, ensuring it is completely embedded in the material.

Application of Additional Layers: Once the mesh is placed, additional layers of microcement are applied, completely covering the mesh and creating a continuous and reinforced surface.


Various Surfaces: It is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces, including walls, floors, and other structures, both indoors and outdoors.

Adaptability: Its flexibility allows it to adapt to curved surfaces and corners, providing uniform reinforcement.


Additional Resistance: It significantly increases the microcement's resistance to impacts and traction.

Durability: It prolongs the lifespan of the microcement coating by reducing the risk of structural damage.


The fiberglass mesh is a crucial tool in the application of microcement, providing reinforcement, stability, and durability to the coating. Its proper use ensures a high-quality finish and extends the lifespan of the microcement, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial projects.