• RESIN 1 LT



The resin is a latex in aqueous dispersion that is incorporated into the mixture of the microcement powder, it improves the workability of the material, the resistance to bending and abrasion, it replaces the water in the cementitious mortar.


The resin is a latex in aqueous dispersion specifically designed to be incorporated into microcement powder mixes. This additive stands out for its multiple benefits that optimize the properties of microcement, improving its performance and durability.

Characteristics and Benefits:

1. Improved Workability**: The resin facilitates the mixing and application of microcement, providing a more uniform and manageable consistency. This results in easier and faster application, reducing the effort required to work with the material.

2. Increased Flexural Strength**: When incorporated into the microcement mix, the resin imparts greater flexibility to the final material. This characteristic is crucial to prevent cracks and fissures, especially on surfaces that may be subject to movement or vibrations.

3. Greater Abrasion Resistance**: The resin significantly enhances the durability of the microcement, making it more resistant to wear and friction. This is essential for surfaces experiencing high traffic or intensive use, ensuring a longer lifespan of the coating.

4. Replacement of Water in Cement Mortar**: The resin acts as a substitute for water in the cement mortar mix. This not only simplifies the mixing process by reducing the number of necessary components but also improves the mechanical and adhesive properties of the microcement.


Decorative Coatings: Ideal for use in both interior and exterior decorative coatings, offering a superior and customized aesthetic finish.

High Traffic Surfaces: Perfect for floors and surfaces requiring high wear resistance, such as shops, offices, and commercial areas.

Renovations and Repairs: Effective in renovation and repair projects where enhanced durability and aesthetic improvement of existing surfaces are desired.

Usage Instructions:

For best results, the resin should be mixed with the microcement powder according to the manufacturer's recommended proportions. It is essential to follow the mixing and application instructions to ensure that the improved properties of workability, flexural strength, and abrasion resistance fully manifest in the final product.

This material is ideal for those seeking an advanced and durable solution for surface coatings, combining ease of use with enhanced mechanical properties.

Latex 1 Lt.