15 m2 for floors Betonová Stěrka - Pohledovy Beton

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Betonová Stěrka - Pohledovy Beton installation kit with all the products needed to cover 15 meters for floors, with epoxy adhesion promoter , micro beton fino and solvent based sealer to guarantee a proper resistance.

It is also appropriate to outdoors surfaces.

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340,01 €

Více informací

The 15 m2 kit includes: Micro beton fino 15 KG, Microcement Base 30 KG,  Resin component B  15 Lt,  Pigments, Epoxy Adhesion promoter.  3 LT.  Primer sealer  1,5 LT.  Polyurethane varnish Sealer 1,5 LT. 15 m2 of Fiberglass mesh